OneDairy will bring American dairy ingredients to international markets.

OneDairy, a dairy and agricultural product company based in Tempe, recently announced an ambitious goal—uniting the American dairy industry in a joint effort to bring high-quality ingredients to international markets.

By expanding infrastructure, partnering with national suppliers, and taking on the weight of sales, marketing, regulatory compliance, and logistics, OneDairy aims to meet global demand with the excellence American dairy farmers are known for.

With decades of experience in regional and national dairy, the company’s founders know the rich legacy of American dairy, as well as the challenges facing the industry. Even with national demand for milk and dairy products being relatively sluggish, American dairy farmers have a reputation for raising the bar. With innovative and sustainable farming, the industry has continued to roll out new dairy products while staying abreast of strict regulations, all while meeting demand for a shifting base of consumers.

But without reliable suppliers, or a fresh vision for a united industry with international reach, dairy farmers have struggled to bring their products to the global market. On the other side of the coin, customers abroad have struggled to find quality dry dairy ingredients that are in high demand. Between unreliable suppliers, inconsistent supplies, and long delays, customers in international markets usually don’t know what they are going to get or when.

That’s where OneDairy steps in.

“The U.S. dairy industry has a great opportunity to gain market share in the global marketplace,” said Robert Chesler, CEO of United Dairymen of Arizona, the parent company of OneDairy. “That’s why we’re taking action to bring American ingredients to the rest of the world.”

According to Chesler, the challenges are clear enough, and the solution is tackling them head-on:

“We’re creating a single, dependable source of dairy ingredients tailored to the international community,” he said. “We’re doing that by partnering with national suppliers and global companies, and by uniting American dairy farmers with a fresh vision of what they can offer to international markets, and what they can gain in additional profits.”

As part of this bold mission, OneDairy is ramping up infrastructure that will allow them to meet with global suppliers, and store American dairy products abroad. With a united front and a clear long-term vision, Chesler hopes to reestablish American dairy products as a reliable source that global customers can depend on.

“We’re rallying farmers and dairy product suppliers behind our values,” Chesler added. “Reliability, gold-level supply chain standards, and innovation—that’s how we’re building the capacity to supply the global market with excellent dairy products.”

With OneDairy, Chesler hopes to unite the industry behind a fresh vision: a near future in which American dairy producers are premier dry product suppliers for the competitive global marketplace.

“We can certainly do it,” Cheser said. “Our vision stretches well into the future. Thinking globally and building infrastructure will give our partners at home the incentive to keep on pushing. They’ve got a great start because their world-class dairy products are already in high demand.”

In the end, OneDairy faces the challenges of the American dairy industry and the frustrations of global consumers with the hope of an all-around win—global customers get reliable access to the quality products they need, while a unified industry becomes the premier dairy marketplace for new corners of the world.

ABOUT ONEDAIRY: Founded in 2022 OneDairy leads a coalition of dairy and agricultural product companies, and also serves as a source for revenue sharing for American dairy farms. OneDairy exists to meet global dairy demand with American excellence.