Introducing Luisa Reséndiz: A Multifaceted Leader in International Sales 


In the dynamic world of international business, having a seasoned and versatile leader at the helm can make all the difference. Meet Luisa María Reséndiz, the newly appointed International Sales Director at OneDairy, bringing her expertise and passion to the forefront of the dairy industry.  

Scott Miniat Headshot

A Career Shaped by Expertise 

Luisa Reséndiz’s journey in the dairy industry includes experience with the two largest dedicated physical dairy trading firms; Hoogwegt & Interfood . During those times she honed her skills and gained valuable insights.  In these roles, she served as a product and export manager, working closely with international clients and making significant contributions to her company’s success. 

Her current focus as the International Sales Director at OneDairy revolves around the Mexican and Latin American markets. With a keen understanding of these markets’ intricacies, Luisa is well-equipped to drive growth and forge lasting partnerships that transcend borders. 

Education and Multilingual Proficiency 

Luisa’s academic journey played a crucial role in shaping her into the well-rounded professional she is today. Graduating from the University of Minnesota with dual bachelor’s degrees in Supply Chain and Entrepreneurship, her emphasis on International Business stood out. This academic foundation laid the groundwork for her strategic thinking and global perspective, both of which are indispensable in her current role. 

One of Luisa’s standout traits is her fluency in multiple languages. With a command over Spanish, French, Portuguese, and English, she effortlessly bridges gaps and fosters connections across cultures. This linguistic dexterity has undoubtedly been instrumental in her international business endeavors, allowing her to communicate effectively with partners and clients from around the world. 

As she continues to steer OneDairy’s international sales efforts, there’s no doubt that Luisa’s impact will be felt far beyond the realms of business, resonating with those who believe in the power of holistic success.